Johnson Brothers Lumber can fulfill just about any kind of hardwood order regardless of size or custom requirements. Our sawmill is large enough to have the capacity to produce large quantities of wood under tight time constraints, yet small enough to handle custom orders without interrupting our daily operations.

Custom Sawing
JBL specializes in custom sawing and can handle almost any request including:
____- Quarter and rift sawing
____- Large thickness orders
____- Custom beams
____- Specialty lengths

Custom Sorting
JBL has the capacity to custom sort most species of lumber. We understand that our customer’s needs today are different than they were just a few years ago. Your order can be configured to meet your needs and ensures a quality product with a maximum yield.

Mixed T/L’s
A sizeable percentage of shipments from our yard consist of two or more products. We sell to a diverse group of customers ranging from high-volume, multi-million dollar woodworking corporations to the custom cabinetry shop in your hometown.

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